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Timeless Fantasy Football Tips

We’ve included 5 tips for the draft and 1 tip for during the season. These tips that we’ve put together should be helpful regardless of the type of scoring format of the league you play in.



Look for an Advantage at TE – There are not a lot of good scoring TEs in the NFL, so if you can get a very good TE, that will give you a huge points advantage over the rest of your league at that position each week.
Scoop up Suspended & Injured Stars Early – Every year there are very talented guys in the draft who fall because they may be suspended for the first few games, or start the season injured. Always look for talented guys who may fit that status, and draft them just a little bit higher than they’re supposed to go.
Go for upside in the middle and later rounds – Guys on your bench aren’t going to be counted on unless there are injuries to your starters, or if they exceed initial expectations. Always look to draft young players for your bench with high upside that can exceed expectations over older players who don’t have the same potential to get better.
Don’t take a defense until you have at least 3 bench players – People always reach on the top defenses, so go for better individual bench player talent instead of a defense. Draft two defenses any time after you have three solid bench players and play the best weekly matchup.
Don’t take a kicker until the last round – There’s just so many Kickers and not much difference between most of them, so it doesn’t make sense to take one until the last round of the draft.


Be an active Trader – Look to buy low and sell high on players through trades. If a star player starts the season out poorly, try to make a trade for him. If one of your players starts the season out really well and you’re not sure if he can keep it up, look to trade him before his value goes down.

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